Painted Pets


Poppy has received her recently painted pets portrait, and was absolutely delighted! So much so, she wanted a photo sat next to it.

Painted Pets near you

It is that time of year and I have been very busy.  Painted pets in pastel capturing the true essence of your dog, horse or cat.  If you can find me near by, I am happy to take reference photographs free of charge! Or a small fee for local travel.

Of course we have a soft spot for Border Terriers as we own one ourselves!  



Pet Artist Locally

Finding a pet artist locally has many advantages.  The main one being meeting your dogs.  Kye and Rosie live in Holsworthy which is not too far from Littleham.  Their mum having recently retired was gifted a voucher from her work colleagues.  What a great gift.

Pet Artist near Holsworthy

Having a list to choose from of different pet artists my client wanted a realistic portrayal.  Having found me on her doorstep was a great bonus.  We arranged a meeting here where I met her two gorgeous dogs Kye and Rosie.  Not only could I show my client some paintings for real, we also had the opportunity to go through frame sizes.

I keep a selection of frames here in the studio, some of which are one offs I accumulate from visits to galleries.  These frames I purchase at a fraction of the usual price.  This way I can offer an all inclusive service with premium quality frames.  All of which are solid wood from the premier framing moulding companies such as Larson Juhl.

Dog Artist North Devon

I ended up taking two separate photos of Kye and Rosie, as it was quite difficult!  Kye is a big dog of mixed breeds.  Both are rescue dogs.  Rosie being a lurcher type is a soft and very gentle dog.  Kye was a bit more boisterous with a very deep bark, but very friendly and so handsome.

My client chose a gorgeous leather effect frame and with the dark green background the painting was set off beautifully.

Pet Artist Feedback


As a pet artist and working from clients own photos, feedback means a great deal.  Receiving really positive comments from the recipients help boost my confidence. It can sometimes be a little daunting when the painting is delivered and waiting for a response.  Then the relief comes flooding in, not only that it has arrived safely, but receiving the overwhelming kind comments.

Our pets are so very special, especially the canine variety.  Sadly when they leave us it creates such a void in our lives. Of course we have photo snaps to remind us of all the walks and fun times, but a painting means just that little bit more.  After all they are a member of the family, never to be forgotten.

Floss the Collie 

Here is Floss a beautiful Collie Dog who was so devoted to her family.  Floss’ painting was commissioned as a special anniversary surprise.  Today I received a lovely email, here is what was said….. “With the help of  our 8 year old daughter Eleanor I opened the 10th wedding anniversary gift on Thursday morning.  The beautiful painting reduced us both to tears.  It now has a prominent place on our living room wall”.

See all the latest comments on my Facebook Page.


Local Dog Artist


Pet Artist Locally

If you are looking for a local dog artist, or pet artist, finding one locally has many benefits.  I can offer a free one hour photo-shoot.  This can either be here in Littleham or at your home.  Dogs can be brought here and sometimes a neutral environment works well.  Not just a local dog artist, so if you have a cat I am happy to visit when it is convenient for you and when your cat is home!  If you would like you horse photographed as a reference image, then I can meet you at their field/stable. 

The weather is a very important factor when taking photographs.  Obviously if it is raining or too windy it is not possible.  Bright sunshine can also cause a lot of problems.  Harsh midday sun often causes too much contrast and shadow.  The effect is then having too much dark and light areas making the features more severe. 

Therefore a bright overcast day is perfect to capture your pet at their best.  This light is great for capturing the natural colours in their coats and eyes. 

Painting Mocks

After I have taken a selection of photos I can upload them to my computer whilst you are here.  Or I can email any suitable images for you to make a choice.  

Neutral background colours are best if  you wish your pet to stand out.  I can offer 3 mock-ups in photoshop with different neutral background colours so we can see what looks best. 

This is all included in the price quoted.

Pet Artist Devon

I am a pet artist based in Devon and am currently taking bookings for the festive season.

This is the busiest time of the year for pet artists therefore it is never too early to secure your place.  There is an overflow from this time which takes me usually up until the summer to catch up.

Prices start at £280 for an aperture size of 12″ x 10″ which includes framing from a stock selection.

This price also includes Postage to the UK only.  Paintings are securely padded and wrapped in a large strong box.

Large size paintings will need to be collected in person, or an arrangement made for a mutually convenient meet up. If you are local I am happy to take photographs of your dog to use as a reference.

There is no extra charge for taking photographs and I will ask for you to come to my home address.  I work from home and have some original paintings of dogs that can also be seen. Photographs I have taken can be viewed on the computer so we can agree on the best one.  I will email a mock up with a suitable ambient background in the colours of your choice.  A deposit will be needed to secure your place and give you peace of mind.

It can be very difficult to think of gifts for your partner, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, and if you have a pet, these paintings are something very special.  I take very special pride in capturing the individual character of your pet, and this takes a lot of  time to achieve.  A black labrador dog is not just that, but your loving companion and family member.  I want my paintings to reflect a personality trait which relates to your dog and not just any dog.

Please get in touch, and I look forward to hearing from you!  Helen

Pet Portrait Artist Exeter

German Shepherd Dog Pet Portrait

“Jenny” German Shepherd Dog
“Jenny” German Shepherd Dog

This is one of my recent pet portrait artist painting commissions of a beautiful German Shepherd Dog, who lives near Exeter.  Her name is Jenny who lives and she was commissioned as a surprise gift.

We live not far from Exeter and welcome anyone wishing to find out more about booking a commission.  I have some paintings of animals that can be viewed at home where I work. 

Pet Portrait Artist Exeter

So if you live fairly local you can always bring your dog and I would love to meet them and take some photos for reference. These can be uploaded to my computer and we can select the best ones.  

Pet paintings make really special gifts.  A great idea for those who have everything and want something a bit special.

Memorial paintings of your dog or any pet are very popular.  Something to be treasured for a lifetime.

Many hours of work go into my paintings ensuring I capture that special something individual to your dog, horse or cat. Jenny’s expression was caught perfectly according to her owner and the recipient was over the moon. I like to paint subtle backgrounds, so that the subject stands out. Often shading in some colours of the animal fur into the background, so as to bring it all in together. 


Pet Portraits UK

Pet Portraits in the UK, not only do I get commissions of dogs, horses and cat, but yes here is a parrot and his name is Cookoo.

The reference photo was taken of Cookoo sitting on the window ledge.  His owner was calling him to go back into his cage, but, no, Cookoo was having none of it!  You can read by the side-way glance was he was thinking.  It was a real pleasure to paint with the beautiful bright purples and blues.  Primarily painting dogs you don’t see many breeds in this particular colour!

A pet portrait can be any pet, including those of the reptile variety.  However, please get in touch for a quote if you live in the UK as tricky detailed scales may take a while longer to perfect.

I am currently taking on commissioned pet portraits in the UK only, however this may change later in the year.

If you are interesting in keeping a parrot as a pet you may find this link useful. I think they can be very demanding and vocal of course.  I remember my aunt having one when I was little and his name was Elvis.  If was allowed to fly freely around the room, I do remember being a little bit scared of him.

Dog Artist Bideford

It has been a few weeks since updating my Blog as I am playing catch up to my recent orders. During the last couple of weeks I have been busy working on a German Shepherd dog and a Collie cross.  Both of which are now complete in the frames and with their new owners.

I am currently finishing a gorgeous Golden Retriever Dog whose name is Durrow.  He sadly passed away very recently and his owners are very keen to have a portrait memorial of him. Next week I have planned a black and white cat who again sadly is no longer with his us.  His name is Smartie and he will be wearing a very smart bow tie!

For anyone living locally near or around Bideford who would like a painting of their dog, I am able to take photographs for reference.

Bearded Collie Painting

This beautiful bearded collie is a member of a Dog Agility Club in Scotland.  His painting being a commission as a surprise gift to their trainer.  All club members contributed towards the cost and what a great idea!


The Bearded Collie dog breed was developed in Scotland to herd sheep and cattle in any weather or terrain. They function today as excellent family companions, show dogs and working sheepdogs.

Bearded Collie Pet Portrait

All the collie breeds excel at sports because of their need to please. They make great family pets being energetic, playful and good with children.

Mac’s portrait framing compliments his colours being a pale grey painted wood.

I am also working on an Australian Sheep Dog this week, his name is Dingo, and have finished the Grey Mare Misty. Due to an unplanned operation this week I will be unable to work for a few weeks, but when I am fighting fit, will have updates, not only of further dogs and cats, but a parrot too!

Latest Dog Paintings

Mac the Bearded Collie and Dotty the Pug are my latest two completed dog paintings.  Both to a size of 12″ x 10″ and have been framed to completed the look.

The last few months, well actually months before the end of the year have been extremely busy. The studio has been a in constant use, and I will need to get time to replenish some art equipment. 


This cute girl Dotty is an older Pug dog and is very much loved by her owner, who wanted a forever keepsake of her best friend.

The subtle background shades which compliment Dotty’s colouring and also allowing her to stand out.  With a wired waxed pine frame picking out her orange tones to complete the overall effect.

I have also completed a grey mare Misty painting to a size of 12″ x 16″ which I will update soon.